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Juniper Ground Handling

Manage all the logistics of services in destination with just a few clicks!

What’s the Ground Handling module?

With the Ground Handling module, you can manage and organize the reservations of transfers and excursions that your receptive agency receives, assigning them efficiently to vehicles and guides.

Travel software, Booking Engine, Ground Handling

What actions does it allow you to perform?

With the Ground Handling module, you can:

Travel software, Booking Engine, Ground handling
  • Determine meeting/pick-up points in transfers and tours, both for passengers and their assigned guides, and relate them by estimates of travel time and distance.
  • Define the pick-up sequence of each tours in the desired order.
  • Edit different types of vehicles, detailing cost and sales prices for each vehicle.
  • Assign the reservations to the different transfers/tours automatically.
  • Manage the tours sold, liquidating the charges made by the guides.

How does it work?

The products of your suppliers (vehicles, guides... ) and pick-up points (hotels, airports... ) are loaded into the system.

  • 1Bookings: the different bookings that are arriving are displayed in the Ground Handling system.
  • 2Assignment: all detailed bookings will appear on the main screen of Ground Handling. From here they are assigned a vehicle, driver and/or guide.
  • 3Report: the system generates a report with the list of passengers or travelers with all the details, which is automatically sent to the supplier.

What advantages does it bring to your business?

  • Coordinate the logistics of transporting passengers with the available vehicles in a simplified and agile way, without losing time in emails and calls.
  • Distribute the requests for transfers and tours quickly and easily, with freedom of action and automation.
  • Create well-organized and punctual routes, marking the estimated time between the areas, the meeting points of the transfer or tour and its order.
  • You will efficiently manage the services provided and the settlement of charges to drivers and guides.
  • You will control your costs and profit margins in an absolute way, thanks to the efficiency of the multiple functionalities of this module.

What reports does it offer?

The Ground Handling module elaborates external and internal reports:

For suppliers

  • List of passengers with all the details of the booking (grouped by origin, pick-up area or guide service). Automatically generated and sent to suppliers with the assigned vehicles and guides.

Internal management:

  • List of prices and services performed by each supplier.
  • Billing of the costs of the services or transfers.
  • Settlement of travel sale stubs.